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In today’s world of business, with its multitude of globally interlinked IT based audio-visual communication and data transfer networks … Computers and other related accessories such as modems, networks, printers, scanners, routers etc. … play a critical and indispensable part.

Such is the vital importance of these systems in the present corporate environment that even the smallest equipment failure can result in losses amount to millions of rupees plus lost orders and contracts.

Therefore timely, effective and efficient service and maintenance of IT / AV systems and components are of absolute importance. When any organization contacts us, we initially send over a highly experienced team of professional technicians who meticulously run a series of tests to analyze existing faults and identify potential weaknesses in the entire system.

Our depth of experience and expertise in the effective service and long-term maintenance of even the most sophisticated and fully integrated IT / AV systems and products ensures the smooth, trouble free operation of all equipment and software thus optimizing the productivity and profitability of our clientele.


Our comprehensive Repair, Service and Maintenance package includes


° Repair and service of all models of desktop, laptops and notebooks
° Repair and maintenance of printers, scanners, UPS units and other IT accessories
° Broadband & ADSL installations
° Installation of networks & wireless structures
° Installations & formatting of software application
° Data recovery & data backup solutions
° Spyware, malware and virus removal
° Service & maintenance contracts

About us

The professionalism of our highly experienced
engineers and technicians combined with the
world class products we use ensure that every
assignment we undertake is carried out with
an expertise and work ethic that guarantees
years of trouble free operational efficiency.

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